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Holiday Collection: Bloch

Hello everyone! In this post today I'm going to be sharing some pictures of the new holiday items we have in store from Bloch and Mirella by Bloch. Get ready for some super cute designs and quite a bit of velvet!


This cap sleeve tutu leotard is so adorable with its cute flower pattern and poofy skirt. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


With the same flower pattern as the last leotard this keyhole tank leo is perfect for ballet class. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


You'll notice there's definitely a common factor a lot of these leotards have: the pattern. These super cute flowers pop up in a lot of the items in this collection. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


This leotard is very similar to the last one, it just doesn't have a skirt and it has double straps that cross in the back. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This cap sleeve leotard has a cutout in the back and has that same flower pattern. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


Here we have another cap sleeve leotard but with a zip front instead and a higher neck. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


Who doesn't love an adorable tank tutu leotard? We sure do. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This mesh waist tutu skirt can go over any adorable leotard.


More skirts! These are more soft flowing skirts that you can also add to any leotard.


These new leotards have lots of criss cross straps in the back and have a V design on the front. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


This leotard looks basic in the front but has an awesome mesh back that's outlined in a V shape with a different material. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


Here starts the velvet! Perfect for winter, velvet makes you feel soft and cozy. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This leotard has velvet along the sides and lots of straps going down the back. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


More adorable cap sleeve tutu leotards with velvet on the sides and a cutout in the back with some rhinestones. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


This cap sleeve leotard has a velvet trim at the end of the sleeve and around the middle of the waist. It also has rhinestones along the neckline to add some more detail. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This spaghetti strap leotard also has a velvet trim across the waist but it's straps are also velvet! (Left: back ~ Right: front)


There's lots of velvet on this super cute leotard. You'll definitely be feeling cozy in this leo. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


This is one of my favorite leotards from this holiday collection. It has a halter cut with velvet going all the way down the side and a cutout in the back. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


These cute tutu tank leotards have velvet on the top half of the front with rhinestones along the neckline and a mesh back. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This high neck leotard has velvet on the front near the shoulders and on the back along side the zipper. (Left: back ~ Right: front)


This tank leotard has velvet on the front with rhinestones along the neckline and mesh in the back. (Left: front ~ Right: back)


Our last item for today is this super cute tutu skirt with velvet bows attached.


That's it for the Bloch and Mirella holiday collections! We hope you saw something that you liked. Don't forget to come on in to D2D to check them out and find some awesome looks for this holiday season!


Brianni at D2D

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