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Recital Checklist 2019

June is quickly approaching and you know what that means... Recital Season! For most dance studios in the area, they have their annual recital in order to showcase all the dances their students have learned throughout the year for their friends, family, and community in June or July.

Recital time can be exciting, thrilling, nerve-wracking, and pretty stressful at times. Typically, dancers have a specific list of things they need for each dance, but there are usually quite a few things that each one will have in common. I wanted to give you guys a list of things you may need that we have in store here at D2D, in hopes of making your life a little easier. Who knows? Maybe you'll see something new you'd like to get this year.

Our first item is... shoes! Now, obviously you may not need to have brand new shoes for recital but sometimes you may need a different color than what you've been wearing throughout the year. For example, maybe you've been wearing black jazz shoes for class but need tan for recital. So make sure you double check what shoes and color of shoes you need!


Next up is tights. There are SO many different types and colors of tights it can get a little confusing. There's footed, convertible, stirrup, footless, and of course, fishnets. Whatever you may need when it comes to tights, we've got you covered.


When it comes to hair there are usually quite a few things you need. If you're doing a ponytail you'll need hair ties and probably a few bobby pins. If you need to do a bun you'll need a bun builder or a hairagami, hair pins, and probably a hair net to keep it all in place. We've got all of these items in blonde, brown, and black.


Now let's talk accessories! Here at D2D we've got tons of choices of earrings. We've got crystal, AB crystal, colors, and rivoli. We also carry chokers, crystals to add to costumes, and eyelashes!


Sometimes, knowing what to wear under costumes, or how to keep costumes in place, can be tricky. Occasionally, a costume allows you to wear a nude sports bra with clear straps; however, sometimes we need something a little more discreet. This is where smoothies and petals come in. They're small, easy to put on, and don't have straps that will peek out of your costume. These days, lots of costumes consist of only a super stylish leotard, which can cause a concern for the bottom of the leo to not stay in place. Lucky for you, there's a solution... Stick It! This is a product from Yofi Cosmetics and is more commonly known as butt glue. It's sensitive on skin and comes off easily with soap and water or a wet wipe, and most importantly, it makes those leotards feel way more secure.


Do you want something that you can put all of your costumes, makeup, shoes, and hair accessories in? Sounds like the Dream Duffel is the bag for you. We carry the Dream Duffel in four different sizes: Carry On (holds 1-3 costumes), Small (holds 3-5 costumes), Recital (holds 6-9 costumes), and Medium (holds up to 9 costumes). The Dream Duffel is a durable bag that looks almost like a suitcase; it has wheels and a handle so you can easily roll it around. It's perfect for anyone with multiple costumes because you can fit pretty much everything you need in it and it's easy to transport. We also carry lots of Dream Duffel accessories and have Dream Duffel bundles so you can save some money. Call us or come on in to find out more information!


Now that we've covered all the basics there's a few other things we've got in store that could be useful come recital time. We have lots of cute items that could be given as a little gift to dancers and teachers. There's stuffed animals, glitter spray, headbands, body wash, water bottles, buttons, key chains, hats, and more!


Last, but certainly not least, is an item we just recently got in. The hanging lighted mirror is something that takes mirrors to a whole new level. It has a handle on the top so you can carry it easily and hang it on a hook, and it also has lights all along the sides. The best part about this mirror is that if you press the button to light the mirror, then hold your finger on the button, the lights will dim! The mirror comes with a cord to charge it, which means no batteries!


I hope you guys found this list helpful and that you found something new you want to try! We're always willing to help you find what you need, so come on in and say hello! We hope to see you guys soon and that you have an awesome recital season!


Brianni at D2D

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