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Stand Out In The Crowd

When it comes to taking classes at a convention/competition it can be hard to be noticed when you're surrounded by tons of other dancers. During my dance journey I've learned quite a few tips and tricks about how to stand out in a room filled with talented people, and I want to share them with you.

Tip #1: Don't be afraid of the front.

Going straight for the front of the room can sometimes be intimidating but it shows confidence and ensures that you don't miss any important details. Of course, not everyone can have a front row spot but the teachers usually notice the ones trying their best to get there.

Tip #2: Fake it 'til you make it.

When I say this I'm talking about confidence. Personally, I've always had a hard time getting my confidence up because I am a pretty shy person, but the biggest thing I've learned is that if I can fake it, I usually end up actually feeling confident. Pretending can sometimes trick your brain from thinking you're confident to knowing you're confident. I believe in the power of confidence because it makes you dance bigger, stronger, harder, etc.

Tip #3: Ask questions.

Teachers love it when you ask questions (except when they've been asked already) because it shows that you have a real interest in what they are teaching you. Even if you are getting the choreography, ask about a detail or if they can demonstrate a move. Watching teachers dance is the best way to learn their dancing style and it can often lead to inspiration for yourself.

Tip #4: Wear bright colors or interesting patterns.

It can be hard to be noticed in a crowd full of people when everyone is wearing the same thing, but wearing something that stands out and is different makes it easier for the teacher to spot you. It also allows them to easily call you out such as "the girl in the hot pink top with ties on the side" or "you in the periwinkle shorts". At Dressed 2 Dance we have a lot of options that allow you to stand out. I put together a couple outfits to show you guys what I mean.

This first outfit is from Honeycut. Their "Hive Halter" in mellow yellow and their "Scoop Track Short" in olive. This top is perfect because it's bright and striped. Pairing it with shorts or leggings that aren't black gives your outfit an extra pop. Both the top and shorts shown are adult smalls.

Also from Honeycut we have the "Umami Top" in black and "Honey Short" in periwinkle. These shorts are awesome because they are such a fun bright color and it's paired with a top with fun a fun style and cutout. Pictured here for both the top and bottoms are an adult small.

For this next outfit I paired this top with ties on the side from Bloch and Honeycut's Hi-Wire Leggings. You'll definitely be spotted in this bright colored tank. The top is a child size 8 and the leggings are a child medium.

Another Honeycut and Bloch mix, we have the "Tempo Tank" from Honeycut in teal and these criss cross cropped leggings from Bloch. This outfit is super adorable and sure to make you stand out. The top shown here is a child size large, also comes in adult sizes, and also comes in mauve and black. The leggings shown are a child size 8.

These leotards are so adorable and perfect for standing out and making a statement. On the left is the "Umami Leo" in a child size medium from Honeycut and on the right is the "Floral Mesh Back Cami" from Bloch in an adult size small (also comes in black and child sizes). Plus, you could wear the leotards for ballet and then...

Just add shorts for another class! These Mirella waist fold over shorts are super comfortable, cute, and perfect for slipping on over a leotard. Pictured on the left is a child size 6x-7 and on the right is an adult small.

All these outfits are examples of stand out options to get you noticed in those convention classes. That being said, it's important to stand out in something that compliments you and your personality. So if you don't like the color pink, don't wear it. Hate stripes? Wear a pattern you do like. This will make you feel more comfortable and it shows everyone who you are through your style.

Tip #5: Always be yourself.

My last tip is to never try to be someone else in the room. Being yourself is so important because people can usually tell if you're trying to be something you're not. Teachers notice the students who are comfortable in their own skin and have their own shining personality.

There you have it! My five tips to standing out in convention classes. I hope you guys enjoyed and found something new you might try at your next convention. Don't forget to come in to D2D to check out all of our awesome stand out items! Have fun in those classes everyone!


Brianni at D2D

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