Too Cute Two Pieces

October 30, 2018

Fall is here and winter is approaching but, thanks to our sunny San Diego weather, two pieces are pretty much always an option. It's a good thing, too, because here at D2D we have tons of tops and bottoms that will make you feel comfortable and cute. Let's walk through them and see what is waiting in store! We'll start with child sized items.


This first outfit is Bloch's "Laser Cut Open Back Crop Top" paired with their "Laser Cut Short" in an amazing hot pink color with an adorable cut-out pattern. This outfit is perfect for someone who loves being stylish while they dance and is comfortable showing some skin. Pictured here is a child size 12 for the top and the bottoms.


For this two piece set we have the same top from Bloch in this amazing navy blue color paired with their "Laser Cut Legging" with that same cut-out pattern from the first outfit. These two pieces are adorable and I love them because you can match with a friend and still have your own personal style. Pictured here is a child size 12 for the top and bottoms. 


This next pick is an amazing set from Strut Stuff. This is their "Love Legging" and "Olivia Crop Top". Isn't this pattern adorable? This set is perfect for someone who loves capri leggings. Pictured is a child size 12 for the top and bottoms.


Here we have another two piece set from Strut Stuff, their "Rylee Crop Top" and "Connected Leggings" in the pattern "Lipstick". I love how the leggings are covered with this cute pattern while the top is plain with a pop of that same pattern on the straps. Pictured here is a child size 10 for the top and bottoms. 


Love the top from the last picture but like wearing shorts better? Don't worry, we've got you covered, because we also carry Strut Stuff's "Makayla Shorts" that have the same pattern with a pop of hot pink. Pictured here is a child size 10 for the top and a child size 12 for the bottoms.


If you like the last two outfits, but are more of a blue lover, we have those same items in this amazing bright blue called "Splash". These pieces are great because you can mix and match them however you want. Bonus: The "Rylee Crop Top" also comes in adult sizes. Pictured here is a child size 12 for the top and bottoms.


 We have one more item for you to mix and match with for these outfits and it's the "Makayla Crop Top" in the color "Splash". This top is perfect for someone who likes more details in their outfits. Pictured here are the same bottoms from before and a child size 12 for the top.


We're going back to Bloch for this next two piece set. This is their "Gradient Crop Top" and "Gradient Short" in pink and purple. These items are simple, but cute, with the gradient effect going from a lighter color to darker color for the purple and a darker to lighter color for the pink. Again, with these you can be "the same, but different" with a friend or you can mix and match if you love both colors. Pictured here is a child size 10 for the tops and bottoms. 


Okay ladies, you've been scrolling patiently in order to find something in your size so here we go. These outfits are all going to be from Honeycut, a super awesome brand with totally adorable clothes. One of the best things about this brand is that you can mix and match all of their items and they all pair so well together. This first outfit is their "Honey Short" and their "Wrapper Top" in olive green. Bonus, the top is currently 40% off! The shorts also come in gray, black, and periwinkle. Pictured here is an adult medium for the top and the bottoms. 


This next outfit has the same shorts as the last picture, but how amazing is this "Full Tilt Top" in olive green? This top is perfect if you love having cool details on your outfits and also comes in black. Pictured here is an adult medium.


This last outfit is to die for with these amazing "Indi Shorts" and their "Symbolic Top". These shorts also come in gray and olive green. My favorite thing about this top is that it's super simple on the front and then has Honeycut's super adorable honeycomb symbol on the back for a pop of color and cuteness. Pictured here is an adult medium for the top and bottoms. 


Now, I know there's not as many options for adults in this post as there are for kids, but we just have so many options in store I couldn't possibly picture them all. You'll have to come in and see for yourself all of the amazing items we have. We hope you find a too cute two piece that's perfect for you or your dancer! Happy shopping!



Brianni at D2D

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